Sunday, July 1, 2012

Art for Orphans by Ellianna....

 Photo of ME the artist with the Proverbs 31:8 - 9 Bible Verse
 Print #1
 Print #2
 Print #3
 Print #4
 Print #5
 Print #6
 Print #7
 Print #8
 Print #9
 Print #10
 Print #11
 Print #13

Ok...I do know how to count but there is no print #12...blame that one on my mom!  My mom says to tell you Lynette that there are 5 more single size prints that are not yet photographed but you saw those when you came to my house to visit.  There is also the double size print that you got to see!  I am now painting birdhouses too!  Sasha has painted some really awesome birdhouses!
 Actually the one I am holding is a house that Sasha painted!  Isn't it cool!  She picks the greatest colors for us to use!  She is a cool teenager you know! just threw this photo in because she says it captures my personality.  Really...I think I have much more personality than this photo!  Ha ha!
 Here is some of what we have been doing this summer!  I LOVE THE TRAMPOLINE!
You have to love Avi's hair on a trampoline!  It goes really wild! I love my sisters and oh by the way in case you missed little sister LINA IS HOME FOREVER WITH US!  I SURE DO LOVE HER!  She is in the photo beside Avi and beside me...everyone says that Avi and Lina look like twins!  They are actually only 4 months different in age so that makes Lina 4 months older than Avi!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE POOL!  Can you imagine that my mom tells me that when I came home from Taiwan that I DID NOT EVEN LIKE WATER!  Really...I would stay in the water all day if my mom would allow me to!  I LOVE TO swim! 
 Here is my sister Angelina "LINA Beana or Beanie Baby" Mariyana Carpenter - home forever!
Gotta go...lots of world to see and explore!  MORE LATER.....Hey and remember...Use your voice for good and be a voice for those who are voiceless....Proverbs 31: 8 - 9

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