Sunday, April 8, 2012

IT has been a LONG TIME....

It has been a long time since anything with "MY" blog...but the time has come to show you my notecards and for you to see what the LORD is doing...

check out to see more photos

HERE is ME with my Big sister...she is the greatest thing since POPCORN, green beans and asparagus!

 JUST ME....I am the life of the spaghetti dinner!
 MY ART with Mommy's photo of my little sister Lina - we are waiting for her to come home!
 My art and Liberate LINA t-shirts at our spaghetti dinner for Liberate LINA...
HERE are my NOTECARDS...they are for sale to raise funds for LINA and orphans...
$10.00 a for a pack of 10 notecards with envelopes - plus shipping if sending to you...
ME with my baby sister Avigayil..we call her Avi...Avigayil is Hebrew for Abigail and means "JOY of the Father." My mommy and daddy always pick these long complicated names that have great meaning...thank goodness we just call her AVI for short!  Avi has grown so much in 1 year that I can barely hold her anymore but I SURE try!  I Love AVI!
 MY little sister Lina...well here we go with the name thing again...Angelina "LINA" Mariyana...see what I mean about the LONG GREAT name...we call her LINA...thank goodness...I think I will just call her baby! 
That's all for now...I LOVE MY LIFE...I also love popcorn, green beans and asparagus!!!

LOVE ...Ellianna Ya-Ting

or as Mommy calls me "Peanut pie" give me a beautiful long name like Ellianna meaning "I have prayed for this child and God has heard and answered" and you call me Peanut pie?!  But I love it...I love LIFE!

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