Monday, January 16, 2012

Art Work by the Jacobsen girls - 4 prints SOLD!

Sarah Jacobsen and her sisters, Leslie and Rachel have been hard at work to help Lina!  They have been working on original artwork to sell to help bring home Lina!  Sarah has a heart for the orphan and the LORD is using Sarah, Rachel and Leslie at their young ages to be a voice for the voiceless. 

They have been blessed to be the sisters to a brother adopted from the same country as Lina and they are stepping out and following the LORD's command in Proverbs 31: 8-9!

It is my joy to share with you that 4 of the Jacobsen prints have already been sold!  Some of their prints are being auctioned for the Next Auction to benefit the precious children from Lina's orphanage!  Check out to read more the upcoming auction for 3 little boys all being adopted by the Archer Family! 

Ellianna and Sarah, Leslie and Rachel are all having some of their art auctioned to help these boys come home! 


Thank you so much to those that purchased these prints to help LINA come home!  What a huge blessing!

The Following prints are still available -
By Leslie

 By Sarah
 By Sarah

By Sarah

Here is a glimpse of Rachel's picture!  It is already on matting board but I have not had a chance to photograph it on the matting board!  I will repost Rachel's print tomorrow when it is sunny outside and I can get a good photo of it on the matting board! 

But wanted you to see Rachel's beautiful artwork! 

All three Jacobsen girls have amazing talent and are using their talents to serve the LEAST OF THESE!  They are praying for our little LINA and the needed signature!  Praying that comes I can post the good news that I am leaving for Lina's country and also post the matted print by Rachel!  The colors will be much more vivid!

and original work by Sarah, Rachel and Leslie Jacobsen

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