Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas to all...check out my sister Avi's post on www.marianaorphanfund.blogspot.com

Merry Christmas to all...I am still painting but MOM has not gotten to posting the new prints!  Everyone of my prints sold at the auction for Lina and mom has more ready to sell!  I am painting many new pictures and each one is made with much thought and ALL BY MYSELF...for my sister LINA!  So keep posted because more are coming!

For now...have a Merry Christmas!  My mommy's Christmas dream is to be with my sister LINA!  LINA is alone and has no one to hold her and to love her...it breaks my mom's heart!  So pray for my sister Lina and for another miracle to get my mommy to my sister really soon!

Check out my sister Avi's post on Lina's blog  www.marianaorphanfund.blogspot.com

Enjoy our Christmas photos and check back real soon for my paintings!

Ellianna Ya-Ting the artist!

My big sister, Sasha - I think she is the best thing in the whole world!  I love to be with her and I will do what ever she does!

My little sisters - I LOVE being a big sister and helping Mommy!  Pray for my little sister Lina to come home soon!  We all miss her and can't wait until she is with us...so Daddy has 4 girls and Mommy to keep him in tip top shape!

with LOVE - Ellianna Ya-Ting

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