Monday, December 5, 2011

Ellianna Ya-Ting is still painting for Lina and other orphans - she was also baking this week!

Ellianna is still painting for her sister Lina!  There are 4 regular size prints ready to post/show/sell and also a double size print!  I LOVE THIS ONE!!!

The story behind the double print is day while painting and hanging up the paintings a little girl in Ellianna's pre-K saw the paintings hanging and said to me..."ahh who ripped that painting of Ellianna's?"  I looked at the two paintings hanging side by side and painted at different times.  I was like wow, that does look like it was ripped but I told the little girl that no one ripped it and it was two separate paintings - but they fit perfectly together!  So an idea was mat them as one painting!  Ellianna painted them to fit one another perfectly.  Just like she fits into my heart perfectly and her sisters fit into our hearts and LINA fits into our hearts and family perfectly! They were made to go together just like the Lord put our precious girls into our family and they fit perfectly! 

Ellianna also painted 5 more paintings on Thursday of last week that will be digitally photographed and then made into prints ready to hang! 

She is a busy little girl!  She is also baking!  See her love for baking...or licking the batter!  We actually baked her chocolate chip muffins and we ate them all!  She loves to eat them after she knows she has made them.  She rubs her tummy and will say MMM...

Ellianna's edibles will be sold at the spaghetti dinner for Lina being held this Saturday, December 10th from 3-7 pm
at the Lebanon Valley Church of the Nazarene.  If you would like more information please email

We will also be having baked goods by Angie Stoner and Alicia Redcay!  I also promise that I will be sure that Ellianna is taking "germ" precautions for any baked goods we sell as Ellianna's Edibles!!

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