Tuesday, December 27, 2011

3 new guest artists will soon have their work displayed - designed to be sold to help Lina come home!

Three young artists will soon have their work displayed!  Keep posted and check out the artwork from the Jacobsen Girls - their brother Jonathan just came home from Bulgaria this year and Artwork by Ella Kelly - the most precious daughter of my dear friend, Lisa and Ella is adopted from China! 

So keep posted...Ellianna would like to share their artwork with you!  Ellianna is the most amazing child in that she LOVES TO share.  She will share her food, her toys and anything she has!  She has the most beautiful heart...so she is going to share her blog space so that you can see the stories and the artwork of these young artists.  Get ready for some awesome artwork...all artwork is going to be for sale to help Lina come home!

Keep praying for LINA...we are simply waiting upon a signature so that we can go to Buglaria and visit with our precious little one!  LINA needs to come home quickly so please pray for this document to come this week!

Thanks so much and stay tuned...you won't want to miss it!

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