Monday, November 7, 2011

The Story - A Voice for the Voiceless Proverbs 31:8-9

ART for Orphans - The Story - part 2 (part 1 is still not written down but will be in the next few days)

A Voice for the Voiceless
Ellianna Ya-Ting
Proverbs 31:8-9

Ellianna was once an orphan.  She was alone and left to life in a crib in an orphanage in Taiwan.   She was born with multiple special needs and many complications at birth.  She is NO LONGER and Orphan but a daughter of the KING and also a very loved daughter of Brian and Stephanie.  She is the joy of their lives and the joy to all who meet her.  She has a smile that lights up a room and a love for life that we all should have.  Ellianna (6) has a sister named Sasha (14) who was born in Russia.  She has a sister name Avigayil (4) born in the Philippines.

Ellianna now has a sister that is waiting to come home (November 2011) in an Eastern European orphanage.  Her sister, Lina, is 5 years old and weighs only 11 pounds.  She needs to come home quickly due to her dire health issues.

Ellianna loves to paint and is painting to bring home her sister Lina.  Ellianna may not completely understand the whole story about Lina but she does understand that at every meal the whole family will hold Lina's photo and pray for Lina to knit to the Carpenter hearts and to come home soon.  The Carpenters prayed with the photo of each precious child that needed to come home and many miracles occurred in each adoption to bring each daughter home!

Ellianna is a precious child with many gifts and talents that are sometimes hidden from those that don't know her personally.  You see Ellianna is 6 years old and does not yet talk or walk independently due to her brain injury (cerebral palsy).  Ellianna is a gift from the LORD and she is using her love of painting to bless another little girl in a far away land.  One day soon her sister, Lina, will be home too and then Ellianna will use her painting to bless many more children!  That is our prayer and Ellianna's Dream!

Three of the paintings will be listed here in the next few days!  They are for sale and all proceeds will go to the fund to bring home her sister!

More paintings are being worked on as I write!  blessings to you all and may the LORD receive the glory!

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