Friday, September 14, 2012

URGENT - family needed by September 25 for DS child!!!!

URGENT shout out...

Get word out...

Contact me at if you or anyone you know would be interested in adopting a child that turned 2 in April and has Down syndrome diagnosis!!!

We just received word early this morning that a family is urgently needed for this child - the family must be committed to this child by September 25, 2012.

The Ministry of Justice is asking for a family with a smaller family size and the last adoption must have been 6 months ago AT LEAST!

If you fit the requirements for Bulgaria and would like to know more please email me and/or call
the main Lifeline Children's Services number at 1-205-967-0811 (ask for Stephanie B., Stephanie C.and/or Jana).

URGENT...please get word out on social media that there is a little girl that needs a family quickly!
She is very very very very adorable!!!!

Proverbs 31: 8 - 9

Thursday, September 13, 2012

One CHILD At A Time...Ulyonovsk, Taipei, Zamboanga, Pleven and more...

ONE CHILD AT A TIME...Ulyonovsk, Taipei, Zamboanga,Pleven and more....

ONE CHILD AT A TIME...Rise up CHURCH...the need is great..the need is urgent...I have read blog after blog of urgent need with photo listings of KIDS that need HELP NOW...
I am burdened beyond words to be a voice for the voiceless...
How do I say in a different way what has been said before?
I may not be eloquent of speech...
I may not be the best at social media..
I may not have a huge blog following...
I may not be allowed to photo list children because I work for an adoption agency
I AM PASSIONATE about being their voice....
Just in the local news on Tuesday September 11,2012...

Rise up Church...

The need is great in Zamboanga, Philippines...
ONE CHILD AT A TIME mattered to this one....
The need is great in Taiwan and Russia...



PLEASE CONTACT ME TO FIND OUT how to adopt a child from PLEVEN that is waiting
Right now...
Rise up Church...

ONE CHILD AT A TIME made a difference for LINA....
for Avigayil ....

Gotta love her hair...had to show this photo from the beach...
BE A VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS...t-shirts for sale to help the orphans in the Philippines...
Contact me at to find out more

The big question we constantly hear...ARE YOU DONE ADOPTING?
NO we are not ...there are still 2 more children that our hearts are burdened beyond words to
bring home and to love...

ONE IS IN THE PHILIPPINES...our hearts can not rest until she is safely home...
One is in Burkina Faso...both with cerebral palsy...both considered worthless...
Two countries separated by culture and miles
BUT to us...
these two lives are precious and created by GOD.
They are lives worth crossing miles to bring home...
Lives worth the time, the thousands of dollars to complete the adoption..
Lives worth everything!
The story is not over!

IT IS JUST beginning...
One Child at a time makes a child at a time...

Proverbs 31: 8 - 9

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


When I repeat the phrase over and over...BE A VOICE FOR THE you usually think of adults doing something to get the word out about the plight of the orphans around the world? Take a look at what one YOUNG VOICE CAN DO...
Hannah is in the center of the photo collecting stuffed animals for orphans!

Check out the news story on Channel 3 in Michigan and then come back to read the rest of this post (if I were a computer genius I could just post the video here on my blog...but I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DO check out the link and come back and continue reading!!! YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS and MISS helping out with this amazing project....

Kalamazoo teen helping kids around the world

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A West Michigan girl with a big heart isn't even 13 yet, but she's already helped hundreds of kids around the globe.

Hannah Weal lives in Kalamazoo, and says that a couple years ago, she woke up feeling down, and looked to her teddy bear for comfort.

She realized that if it could make her feel better, it could make other kids feel better too, so she set out to do it.

Hannah admires Mother Teresa, so she decided to collect stuffed animals for orphans in Calcutta, India.

She named her project Hannah Hopes.

This year, Hannah is sending love to orphans in Bulgaria and The Philippines.

She's collected around 215 stuffed animals so far, but is hoping for 1,000.

If you would like to donate toys or money to help pay for postage, you can do it through Hope Reformed Church in Kalamazoo.

The phone number there is (269) 349-9788.

Stuffed animal donations are requested to be small rather than large for ease of overseas shipping

Hannah Hopes and Ting Ministries are teaming up for this project! Hannah is collecting the animals, making the tags, and shipping to our location here in Pennsylvania so that we can then get the special stuffed animals to orphans in Bulgaria and the Philippines! WE might even have the opportunity to share the animals with street children in the Philippines! This is exciting when you view the tags and the love that is put into the tags for each animal. Hannah shares that God is love on the tags. Hannah HOPES that each child that is touched by animal would come to know the LOVE OF JESUS. It is my prayer that each life touched by one of these animals is a life changed by the power of the power of the Power of JESUS Christ and HIS REDEEMING LOVE!

Hannah is turning 13 years old! She is being a voice for the voiceless. I am humbled and blessed by this precious young girl and excited to watch what the LORD will do with this very special project and her young life!

I Timothy 4: 12 says "Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity."

If you have any desire to help please contact me at and/or you can donate to the shipping costs on the sidebar. If you would like to donate to the purchase of animals for the orphans you may also do that on the sidebar by the same chip in and designate what you would like the amount to go towards.You can also donate animals to be sent for the orphans. If you live near to the Pennsylvania location you may mail them directly to Ting Ministries. Please email me and I will share with you the shipping address. If you live closer to Kalamazoo, Michigan please call Hannah Hopes (Courtney Weal 269-271-1037)!

Some of Hannah's favorite phrases on her flyer to raise animals for the orphans are below:

-What we can do with little bit of love and God’s help
- We LOVE because God first loved us
-Live with compassion
-God is Love 1 John 4:8

-Have faith that moves mountains
Hannah is one extraordinary child of God that is using her gifts and talents and compassion to give to others! I can not even begin to imagine what the LORD could for the orphans if we as adults took a simple plan and allowed the LORD to make it HIS!


Stay tuned for updates on the amount of animals that Hannah HOPES COLLECTS!

Proverbs 31: 8 - 9

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kindergarten Taiwan Cerebral Palsy - what do they have in common?

Kindergarten Taiwan Cerebral Palsy - what do they have in common -

ELLIANNA YA-TING CARPENTER is what they have in common!

Ellianna is now in KINDERGARTEN - TODAY - August 28th 2012

Why is this significant? Why is this more significant than any child beginning their schooling today? Ellianna is a miracle in progress. Ellianna has cerebral palsy. Ellianna is adopted from Cathwel Services in Taipei, Taiwan. Ellianna had a diagnosis that was not that hopeful! I write to encourage anyone considering a child with special needs - DON'T let the diagnosis scare you! Look and see what love and nutrition and therapy and hard work and did I say LOVE can do....I write this grieving for the children in Taiwan still waiting! On our Lifeline site alone there are 47 precious children waiting for the LOVE that Ellianna feels within her heart!

She was beaming from ear to ear from the time she put on her uniform until the time her big sister came home to see her in her school uniform. We could not get her to take it off. She probably would have slept in it.

Ellianna remembered Sasha wearing the same uniform 5 years ago and to Ellianna wearing that uniform meant she had become somebody! She felt important...she felt worthy...she felt like she was not a child with special issues but one of the chosen...Hmmm...sounds like what we should believe about our selves when we come to know Jesus Christ as our LORD and Savior...we are important...we are worthy...we are chosen...Not because of "what we are or who we are" but because we ARE! The Bible tells us that the LORD created our inmost being....

Psalm 139:13

New International Version (NIV)
13 For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
Photo is from August 2007 on Sasha's first day of 5th grade!

The children on our Lifeline website - the Taiwanese children - the Bulgarian children - all the children - the LORD created them and they are worthy - the children with the special needs - don't look past them - LOOK at what they can become - GOD CAN AND DOES STILL DO MIRACLES!

BE a VOICE FOR THE SOMETHING! Ellianna YA-TING would agree...she is worthy! OH MY IS SHE WORTHY! I AM MOVED TO TEARS just looking at her beautiful face, smile and life!

contact me for more information on the Taiwanese children and Bulgarian children and Special children...

Proverbs 31: 8 - 9

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Flooding hits the Philippines - Can you HELP!

Manila, Philippines (CNN) -- Fueled by seasonal monsoon rains and a nearby tropical storm, widespread flooding in the Philippines worsened Tuesday, killing at least 11 people, the national disaster agency reported.
A landslide in the Manila suburb of Quezon City buried two houses, leaving nine people dead and four others injured, according to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Center.
Three of the dead were children, the state-run Philippines News Agency reported.
The capital city of Manila got 504 millimeters (about 20 inches) of rain Tuesday, PNA reported, with more on the way.

Rescuers maneuver down a flooded street as they evacuate residents in the village of Tumana in suburban Manila on Tuesday, August 7, after torrential rains inundated most of the capital. Authorities have issued a red alert for the metropolitan Manila area. Downpours are expected to continue Wednesday.Rescuers maneuver down a flooded street as they evacuate residents in the village of Tumana in suburban Manila on Tuesday, August 7, after torrential rains inundated most of the capital. Authorities have issued a red alert for the metropolitan Manila area. Downpours are expected to continue Wednesday.
Flood waters rise around Philippine capital
Flood waters rise around Philippine capitalFlood waters rise around Philippine capital

Deadly flooding paralyzes Manila

Philippines braces for more flooding
The country's weather service -- the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration -- warned the Manila region's 12 million residents of continued torrential rains and serious flooding through Wednesday.
"It's like a water world," Benito Ramos, head of the disaster agency, said of the city, according to PNA.
The national railroad called off service, and many roads were under water. Some dams were beginning to overflow, putting more communities at risk, the authorities said.
The flooding has already forced more than 780,000 people across the country from their homes, the disaster agency said. About 242,000 were staying in emergency shelters Tuesday night, according to the agency.
Rescue requests continued to come in early Wednesday, including some people who were using Twitter to contact the authorities for help.
"Pregnant woman needs help! Staying on top of a roof," one Twitter user posted, followed by an address. "Please help BORRES FAMILY w/ 2y/o child!!," posted another.
The weather agency warned residents to expect more landslides and flash flooding, and the authorities urged residents in low-lying areas to move to higher ground.
As well as the deaths in the landslide in Quezon City, two people died from electrocution and drowning outside the Manila region, the disaster agency said early Wednesday.
Those deaths came on top of the 53 people who had already been killed across the Philippines by heavy wind and rain in the past few weeks.
In an effort to save lives and make way for rescue and relief efforts, President Benigno Aquino ordered work suspended at government and private offices around the capital region Tuesday.
Government offices and schools were also to be closed Wednesday, the president's office said.
Deep water in many parts of metropolitan Manila blocked roads, stranded cars and flooded homes. In several areas, the water was waist deep or higher, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority said in its Twitter feed.
"Last night it was raining cats and dogs, or even like elephants banging on your roof top," said CNN iReporter Rummel Pinera. "You cannot sleep when it's raining for several hours like this, it was like a deluge."
Another iReporter, Jumar Rejuso, said the downpour was terrifying.
"We had to force ourselves to leave in order to be spared from the wrath of the raging waters," he said. "It was the first time I have witnessed in my entire life a flood as big as that."
Flooding has struck across the Philippines, with high water reported in 46 communities across the country, the disaster agency reported.
The authorities in Marikina City imposed a forced evacuation of areas near the Marikina River, which has risen above critical levels, PNA reported.
The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council said the Ambuklao, Binga and San Roque dams were releasing water, putting several cities at a higher risk of flooding. The agency warned residents living near the dams to be on the lookout for rising waters.
U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines Harry K. Thomas said Tuesday that the United States would provide $100,000 for disaster relief.
The rain and flooding are the result of the normal summer monsoon enhanced by the effects of Tropical Storm Haikui, the Philippines weather service said. The storm made landfall on the east coast of China on Wednesday morning.
The Philippines had already been lashed by heavy rain and wind in recent weeks resulting from Tropical Storm Saola, which plowed past it before hitting Taiwan and China at the end of last week.
The country is frequently subjected to flooding and landslides caused by heavy rain. In December, Tropical Storm Washi left more than 1,200 people dead after it set off flash floods that swept away entire villages in the southern Philippines.
WE HAVE a deep love for the Philippine Country and the Filipino people! Our daughter Avi is adopted from the Philippines. Her orphanage has not been affected but we have many Filipino friends and sisters/brothers in Christ in the Philippines. One of our dear friends that I have spent time with in the Philippines has worked to grow a Christian school/Day care to help special needs children to be educated alongside children with no special needs. Upon contacting her she writes:

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks so much for reaching out...

Photo: Lizbeth who is writing about the flooding and asking for help is pictured on the far left with her daughter, Elysse (who has special needs and is the special child the LORD used to draw us together). Also pictured...Sasha, Stephanie, Avi and Aunt Dell (another dear sister in Christ the LORD is using to bless the orphan).
the depressed community we are helping in
Cavite where the Day Care is located, people lived in coastal area,
has been very much affected. One of our teachers/church workers have
to evacuate from their home and go to Day Care and church building
which serves as the refuge place of the people. Based on my
conversation with one of the teachers just this morning, there is no
help yet from the government. I will request them to do further
assessment to kids and families who were badly affected so help can be
extended the soonest.

Yes please as the Lord leads, we need help to help other people
especially kids and those with special needs. I hope to have the
quick assessment this morning so help can be given to them the

Another sister in Christ who gives of her own time to help care for the orphans writes:
The flooding is in the Luzon area wherein Metro Manila is 80% under water. Many of our colleagues were affected by the flood. Until there now there are no classes and offices in many places in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.
Please continue to pray for our country..Please pray also for those who are greatly affected by this flood that God, through His people, will be able to minister to them in a very special way, that they will feel His love and comfort.
Thanks for praying Steph.
My heart breaks to see such heart ache and pain no matter where but when the hurt and pain is among those that we love and cherish the burden to help "HITS HOME!"

If you sense the LORD calling you to help please donate to the chip in on the side bar! Thank you so much for caring and for praying!!!

Proverbs 31: 8 -9 Be a voice for the voiceless!